Lire : livres et magazines pour enfants en français livrés aux USA

Acheter des livres en français pour les enfants ou mieux encore, les abonner à un magazine. Voici où chercher le prochain cadeau pour vos chères petites têtes blondes qui arrivera directement à la maison aux Etats-Unis !

Librarie de France
French and European Publications, Inc.
Rockefeller Center Promenade
610 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10020
(212) 581-8810

French magazines, newspapers’, books, and music. Includes comic books (Tintin, Barbar, etc.) and chapter books for older children (9+ years, Folio Junior series published by Gallimard). Also available are French-language versions of Monopoly and Monopoly Junior, Scrabble and Scrabble Junior, and Trivial Pursuit; CD-ROMs (including “Adibou”, which is the French-language equivalent of the American educational “Reader Rabbit” series); and some books-on-tape. Items can be ordered by mail, over the telephone, or online (English language website).

News Room
1803 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-1489 (general)
(202) 332-2894 (language department)

French children’s books including Tintin, Asterix, Martine, “Teach me French”, Caillou, and Babar. Also French/French dictionaries (Larousse, Hachette, Harraps), etc.

European Book Company
925 Larkin Street
San Francisco CA 94109
(415) 474-0626

Lots of books (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) in French, including the Bibliothèque Rose series of books (good for Wellwood 5th/Sudbrook middle grades) and comic books such as Les Schtroumpfs, Titeuf, and Lucky Luke. Descriptions of books are in English. Also, French-language videos such as Tintin, Caillou, Babar, and Caroline, books on cassette/CD, and language learning courses.

Express Mag

English-language website where you can order French educational children’s magazines. Select “Games” and then select “Junior”. Note: the age given indicates the interest level of a French-language child, not the language capability of a child learning French.
The following is a selection of magazines available through this website : Wakou (3-7 years), Toboggan (5-7 years), J’apprends à lire (6-8 years), Wapiti (7-13 years), Julie (8-12 years)

In French

Children’s books, books on cassette/CD, music CDs, CD-ROMs (e.g., Reader Rabbit, Scooby Doo), games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and bingo (listed under “Kids Games”, “Teach with Bingo” and “Teach with Games”), films on video cassette and DVD formats, work/activity books (listed under “Kids Books”, subsection “Workbooks”), comic books, flash cards, Leap Pad Leap Frog Learning system, and more. Books include the Magic Bus, Babar, Beatrix Potter, Barney, Benjamin (Franklin), Sponge Bob, Dora, Harry Potter, Pop-Ups, My First Discoveries (Mes Premières Découvertes), and Scooby-Doo.

Midwest European Publications, Inc.
MEP School Division
915 Foster Street
Evanston, IL 60201-3199
(847) 866-6289

This company has two catalogues, one for foreign language magazines (including children’s magazines) and one for foreign language books and cassettes: dictionaries, work books (crossword puzzles, Jouons avec Gaston and Le Français en Vacances activity books), easy-to-read books on cassette (e.g., Plaisir de Lire –Série Verte for 2nd grade and Plaisir de Lire – Série Blue for 3rd grade), literature books, grammar, writing, and vocabulary books. The products are all in French (no English-language instructions). Catalogue is in English.

Oui for Kids
Rothesay, New Brunswick – Canada

French books and software for children in grades Kindergarten through 12. Includes CD-ROM software for the computer, activity books, fiction and non-fiction. Under “resources”, find Bingo and songs (cassette and CD), flashcards, memory games, and more. Note: all prices are in Canadian dollars. The Company does ship to the U.S.A.

Presse Bayard Jeunesse
9709 Sotweed Drive
Potomac, MD 20854
(301) 299-5920
French wedsite :
Contact in the USA :

The representative for our area, Mrs. Marie-Caroline Russell, is English-speaking and any of Bayard’s magazines can be ordered in U.S. dollars directly through her. This French publishing company publishes many French-language educational children’s magazines and even a children’s magazine on CD-ROM (Clic d’Api for 3-8 year olds). Following is a selection of magazines published by this company.

Babar (2-5 years), Pomme d’Api (3-7 years), Les Belles Histoires (3-7 years), Youpi (5-8 years), J’aime lire (6-10 years), Astrapi (7-11 yrs), Images DOC

Riverwood Publishers and Usborne Books
471 Eagle Street
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 1K7
( (905) 853-8887
Fax: (905) 853-3330

English-language website with online catalogue. Click on “online catalogue”, search pull-down menu “French titles”. Book descriptions are in a mix of French and English. A French-language catalogue is available from Usborne’s American distributor, ADP Company, 2315 rue de la Province, Longueuil, Québec, Canada J49 194, Tel. (514) 523-1182.
‹ Books
‹ Magazine Subscriptions
‹ International Publications

Editions Presse Bayard Jeunesse magazines, Editions Milan, Picsou

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Par Anza | 30 August 2010

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7 commentaires pour “Lire : livres et magazines pour enfants en français livrés aux USA”

  1. Allfan Gotthelf a écrit :
    14 November 2010 à 0:19

    Can you tell me where I might buy copies of a French children’s magazine, L’Écolier illustré? I am particularly interest in the year 1914.

    Thank you,
    Allan Gotthelf
    Dept of History and Philosophy of Science
    University of Pittsburgh

  2. Melodie dorvil Liburd a écrit :
    23 January 2014 à 20:51

    Je trouve ça formidable pour les enfants et c’est intéressant.A vous de voir maintenant mais je ne sais pas pour vous mais c’est fantastique.

  3. Drama a écrit :
    28 April 2014 à 14:25

    Nah, I am not going to waste my money on the clothes that they have in maeziangs. I dress the way that I want to, not the way that society tells me to. The only people who have ever had any personal influence on my fashion have been my sister, mother, father, and cousin. :p I think that the rest of the world is very different, though.As for make-up I do not buy make-up JUST because I see it in the maeziangs. If I see something advertised that I think would be a good addition to my routine, I would go out and see how much it is. I prefer to pick my own make-up, though. Also, I do spend more money on eye-liner than the normal person, because wearing the cheap stuff makes my eyes look horrible. -_- I’m not a big slave to make-up or clothes, though. All of the clothes I spend my own money on, I buy on sale. I only buy expensive make-up when I know that I need it for it look like it should. And! I forgot to mention perfume.Perfume is the -only- thing I’ve ever really been influenced by maeziangs to desire. Putting those little smelly samples in there is a great advertising technique, for sure. I don’t, however, splurge. I’ve only ever bought one kind of perfume because of something I smelled on a sample, but they do the job very well!Good luck on the editorial.

  4. Amanda a écrit :
    6 March 2015 à 17:32

    well, i take inspiration from these looks. i mean, im relaly into fashion adn i love trying out the hottest trends and stuff, but i dont try to look like a clone or some overdressed model wannabe. i think its way cooler to find a relaly hot trend thats on the runway and in paris and stuff, wear it before people at school or anywhere know about it relaly. its relaly cool cuz you feel like a trendsetter thats stylin and you dont look like everyone else. but to answer your question, yes.

  5. Richard a écrit :
    10 April 2015 à 17:18

    Dear 宥緁:Thank you for purchasing my book and sainhrg my book with your friends whom you think are ready.English is the easiest language. All you need is to practice more and put yourself in an English environment. This is one of the purposes of this blog. We need to learn English so we can get the info from the source and not to be screened or interpreted by some gatekeeper. You will feel empowered by engaging with the world’s best minds. Taiwan is really behind on advanced thinking, intellectual contents and diversity. We shall meet again,Ping

  6. online schools a écrit :
    20 April 2015 à 17:11

    Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

  7. a écrit :
    20 May 2015 à 3:19

    Soooo many ways that tag can be interpreted. ;-) And the fact you've never used it before doesn't help.I have to admit, though, that when I read that she's going to keep her job, my first thought was "Ma'am, do you have any clue how high unemployment is in California just now?"

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